Stylefile Magazine 42 – Junglefile


Slut i lager

For STYLEFILE #42, our JUNGLEFILE, we have ventured ourselves far. Into the darkest, creepiest and most inaccessible corners of our cities and their local and long distance transport systems.

The deeper we penetrated into the concrete jungle, the more colorful the buzz and the more action was in the air. In the deepest corners of the concrete forests, names danced a colorful festival and we danced until the early morning hours.

This edition provides all interested parties an idea of ​​what the graffiti jungle currently has to offer. Of colorful images such as plants pull themselves along the walls of our cities, to venomous snakes hiss their messages through dark tunnels. Our 42nd edition conveys the impression of a colorful microcosm of different styles, such as those of RUSL, AMIT 2.0, SCHOK78, SPIDER, BOOGIE, NUG and SKIM, which granted us – apart from numerous other train and wall designers – an exclusive insight into their photo collections.

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