On The Run Books 17 Meeting Of Styles Volume 1


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Meeting of Styles is an annual series of worldwide graffiti and Hip Hop festivals. United by their passion for art, an international network of graffiti artists and enthusiasts stage these gatherings in cities around the world, making Meeting of Styles the biggest event in global graffiti culture. More than 130 Meetings of Styles have been launched and attracted over 150,000 spectators across cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico DF, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Madrid, Liverpool, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Antwerp, Minsk and many more.

The resulting graffiti art is staggeringly amazing, both in quality and quantity. ’Meeting of Styles–Volume 1’ is the first part of a two-book collection documenting this international graffiti explosion. Dangerously jam-packed with pieces and productions by hundreds of the best graffiti artists, this book is very close to needing a hazardous contents warning label.

Hardcover, 243 x 167 mm, Pages: 224, Language: English, Published: 201

2, ISBN: 9783937946405.

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