French Kiss Magazine 5


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The cover is signed by the collective of photographers ”Les Bons Copains”. In addition to the usual sections on French trains, in Paris, as well as internationally, it includes a special dedicated to French Metros with the 6 main systems such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille but also Rennes and Toulouse, a special on the latest stainless steel trains the RRRs, a focus on the hyper-active Belgian writers Solid from the PSK, the French globetrotters Homer from the DKS / WC whose play area is found all over the world, some photos of the French photographer LeSalopard who passes his nights in the bowels of European train depots and a tribute to the French writers Spyn of A2R / WC who tragically passed away in 2014.
120 pages
French and English Language
Released 2016

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