Fatcap Magazine New York Issue Part 2


Slut i lager

We bought the last copies of the Fatcap Magazine New York Issue Part 2 from a friend. Unfortunately the covers are a little bit damaged but we thought it’s still worth getting for collectors cause the magazine is amazing! The magazine was released in 1997 and features interviews and photo specials with Seen, Zephyr and Cap. On top of that also a lot of New York oldschool flicks and interviews with Jay z, The Jungle Brothers and Lord Finesse. The product photo is an example, the few copies we have in stock are all different when it comes to the damaged cover. There is no damage inside the magazine but the cover makes us rate the condition of the magazine to 6/10.

Format: A4 Portrait, Pages: 32, Language: English, Published: 1997, ISBN: –

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